Bridges on all Fibenare guitars are developed and manufactured by Fibenare.

Wraparound bridge

1. Wraparound bridge:

Our ’default’ bridge on every Fibenare guitar. Our wraparound bridge feels comfortable and has a very good body resonation due to the fixing bolts in the pivots. The bridge features a pre-set radius and intonation for each string that handles almost all commercial guitar string gauges unless you use a set with a wound G string. The bridge can be fine-tuned with 4 screws: one pair of intonation bolts and one of pivot bolts. The materials are brass & aluminium, the screws are stainless.



Fixed bridge

2. Fixed bridge:

With strings through construction our Fixed bridge gives incredible body resonation & long lasting sustain with great harmonics.
This bridge offers individual action & intonation setting on each string. With the saddle fixing bolts you can be sure that there will be no buzz or intonation problem while you are playing. The materials are brass & aluminium, the screws are stainless.



Vintage tremolo

3. Vintage tremolo:

Option for all guitar models. The well known tremolo unit structure from the begining. Great resonance with light weight and easy setup.



Floating tremolo

4. Classic-floating tremolo:

Option for all guitar models. The easiest way to describe this bridge is to say that this bridge is the floating tremolo version of our fixed bridge. As with our Fixed bridge, you can set the strings’ action & intonation individually, plus you can set the global action with the two stainless steel pivot screws. The materials are brass & aluminium. You can fix the saddles to the bridges base plate, by this, the tuning is incredibly stable.




5. T1000AL double locking tremolo:

T1000AL is a totally new design & shape locking tremolo. It was designed exclusively for our Erotic model. It’s strengths are it’s low profile & it’s light weight. The base plate of the tremolo is made of aluminium, only the saddles are brass for sustain & harmonics. The exclusivity of this tremolo is that you can set the strings’ action(!) and intonation individually (as on all Fibenare bridges), this way you can change the tremolo’s radius. As far as we know, this is the first double locking tremolo on the market with this option.




6. CLEST double locking tremolo:

This tremolo is a classic design double locking system. Available option for all guitar models. Made of brass entirely, this tremolo vibrates intesively & long lasting when you hit the tremolo bar. This tremolo includes individual action & intonation settings as well. This is the tremolo for the classic guitar heroes..



Roadmaster bridge

7. Roadmaster bridge:

A classic T style bridge, with the improvement of intonated brass saddles. The bridge can be stringed from the top or the back of the guitar, which can lead to different approaches of tone.

String spacing on all guitar bridges is 10.5 mm.


Tremolo arms are made with two lengths, we produce long & short arms.

Tremolo bars’ end covered with wood instead of plastic for more natural feel.

Tremolo arms are made of stainless steel.

You can set the tightness of the arm’s fixing with a little wrench key.

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