1. High-gloss finish:

High-gloss finish is the most durable & stable finish among the three. This finish gives the guitar a nice shine, and perfect protection for the wood against moisture changes. In countries with relative humidity over 65% we suggest this finish on the body & neck as well. We use polyurethane and acrylic top coats.

2. Matt finish:

This lacquering is a bit less durable than high- gloss finishes, but it’s thinner and this way it lets the wood resonate more naturally. As it has a really nice touch necks can be very comfortable with this finish. We us polyurethane matt lacquers.

3. Natural finish:

Oiling the wood lets it ring with all of the power of nature. This finish is for the careful guitarist. Though the wood can get discoloured after a while, if you take care of your instrument regularly, this finish is the most comfortable for playing.

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